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Tips To Save On Your Power Bill - Summer Edition

Earlier in the year we offered some tips for saving money on your power bill in the winter. If you missed it, you can find it here. Some of these tips can also be used to help save you money in the summer. In addition, we would recommend trying the following five money-saving tips this summer.

1) Windows Instead of Air Conditioning

Instead of running your air conditioner all night long, you may want to consider opening the windows instead. This will help naturally cool the house down overnight without consuming power. This tip may not work every night, specifically if it is a warm night. So be sure to check the weather forecast!

2) Blinds or Curtains

Using blinds or curtains during the day to block out the sunshine can keep the inside of your house substantially cooler. This keeps the air conditioner from having to run quite as often. Not only will you save on power consumption, but it can also extend the life of your air conditioner.

3) Dress for Summer

Similar to our tip for dressing warm in the winter, we also suggest dressing cooler in the summer. Instead of wearing those comfy, warm sweatpants and bunnyhugs indoors, opt for some cooler clothing. Then you can set the thermostat at a higher temperature without needing to cool the house as much.

4) Smart Thermostats

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats can save you money during the summer months as well! They save on power by only cooling when the sensors detect someone is home. They can also be set manually from your smart phone, so the house can cool off while you are on your way home! Most smart thermostats also have a eco mode or an Airwave feature that use less power and therefore help you save money.

5) Barbecue Instead of Using The Oven

Using the oven in the summer creates a lot of extra heat inside the home, causing the air conditioner to work much harder. If possible, opt to cook food outside on the barbecue. This doesn't create excess heat in the home, and you get to be outside to enjoy the nice weather! A win-win situation!

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